Monday, December 3, 2018

A Borneo Thanksgiving

Well somehow it is now December but I still thought I would post a few pictures from my Thanksgiving celebration. Thanksgiving of course isn't celebrated here in Indonesia but I decided to take some time off that week and travel about 5 hours by road down to the city of Pontianak. There is a guest house run by Ethnos 360 there for those serving in Indonesia. It gives us a place to rest and fellowship across our different organizations. So many of us gathered to celebrated Thanksgiving together with a potluck. Anyway onto a few a pictures...

Some of the kids wrote and performed a finger puppet show on the first Thanksgiving

Actresses revealed 

Several of the kids had fun making the fruit look like a turkey

Well they weren't turkeys and maybe not chickens. Honestly we have no idea what they were but they looked nice ;) 

Loading up plates

Don't forget dessert! Yum!! 

An art project for the kids
One of the fun moments of my time out was connecting with Lina again. You might remember the picture below from November 2016 when I did a rather unexpected home birth in Salatiga for a fairly newly arrived family. The second picture below is myself, Lina, and now two year old Lias, plus a few extras who wanted their picture taken during our Thanksgiving potluck :)

All in all it was a good chance for some rest, fun, and fellowship. Now it is back to work though and the final push before Christmas. 

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