Monday, November 6, 2017

Kara comes to visit

What fun (and a bit of crazy timing!) it was for my sister, Kara, to come visit. She showed up just one week before I was scheduled to leave on Home Assignment. A week that was crazy busy as I wrapped up my responsibilities and said my see you laters to teammates and friends in Indonesia. She spent a week with me in Serukam and then we spent a week exploring the island of Lombok and its beautiful waterfalls and beaches. Here are a few pictures of our time together...

She is here! A long trip by yourself!! 

Enduring one of her many "paparazi" moments when everyone either wants to take her picture or take a picture with her.

And then we were off to enjoy some time on the island of Lombok (next to Bali)
We stayed at a lovely AirBnB with a pool and we were the only guests for most of our time. 
We also had several beaches in walking distance
And there is nothing like sunset on the beach!
We also explored the jungle and some waterfalls. 
And fed peanuts to some hungry, loud, and bossy monkeys
And then with a transit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Taipei, Taiwan (with its many fun decorated lounges) we headed home to the US

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